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At Franklin Phonetic Primary School Sunnyslope, we employ educators and staff that adhere to and exceed the goals of our mission. Below, you will find a directory of our current staff and their experience.


FPS: Sunnyslope School Office

Facilities Manager:

Office Manager:

School Counselor:

Curriculum Coach:

Teacher Coach:

Special Education Director:

Resource/Support Staff:

Art, Music, Theater, Science

Special Area Teachers

Art Teacher

Music / Band Director

Science Club

  • TBA

Physical Education (P.E.)

A copy of staff resumes is also available in the office.

Under A.R.S. 15-183(F), Employee Education and Experience is available for inspection upon request by all parents or legal guardians of students enrolled in Franklin Phonetic Primary School under AZ State Charter Holder.

Sunnyslope Teachers



First Grade:

Second Grade:

Third Grade:

Fourth Grade:

Fifth / Sixth Grade:

Teacher Assistants

  • Asst: Susan Torres
    • susan.tores@fppsphoenix.net
    • Resumé
  • Asst: Mr. Carney
    • jeffery.carney@fppsphoenix.net
    • Resumé
  • Asst: Keven Marcus
    • keven,marcus@fppsphoenix.net
    • Resumé
  • Asst: Will Price
    • will.price@fppsphoenix.net
    • Resumé
  • Asst. Karina Torres
    • karina.torres@fppsphoenix.net
    • Resumé


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