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Reading is an important part of your child’s success in first grade.  Your child should underline words with their finger and read to you.  Encourage them to sound out difficult words using their phonograms. 
Our goal is 15 minutes a night!

Help Them Through Their Fears:
Pay attention to signs that your child is afraid or nervous in a situation. Offer both emotional support and information that can help them work through their fear. For example, you might say, “That thunder made you jump. Thunder is the sound that lightning makes. It’s loud, but it won’t hurt you. Let’s listen to it together.

Phonograms to know:

ER – her
IR – first
UR – nurse
EAR – early
OA – boat

This Week’s Reading

  • The Garden
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Reading Fluency

This Week’s Spelling Words

  • miss
  • rides
  • ride
  • tree
  • sick
  • got
  • face
  • north
  • white
  • spent
  • block
  • dog
  • eats
  • fast food

This Week’s Language/Writing:

  • Spalding
  • Journaling
  • Punctuation
  • Complete Sentences

This Week’s Math

  • Saxton Math Lessons
    • # 89-92
    • Worksheet
  • Test on Friday

⭐ Help your child start memorizing their address and phone number