Who Attends?

Tom and Cindy Franklin were career educators who started their first charter school in Prescott Valley back in 1996. Please click on the “about us” on the main page of the Franklin Phonetic website to find out more biographical information about these education professionals. 17 years later the Franklins expanded Franklin School to the Sunnyslope area in Phoenix. Mrs. Franklin completed her student teaching over 34 years ago in Sunnyslope and Mr. Franklin grew up in the community. 

The Franklin Phonetic Primary School in Prescott Valley originally stated as a Primary K-3 school and has expanded to serve grades K-8th. Over 500 students attend the Prescott Valley campus which is noted for its high academic achievement and its emphasis on fine arts programs. 

By using a strong primary phonetic curriculum (Fun with Phonograms) based on principles used by the Spalding Foundation, children attain required reading competency. This strong literary foundation allows them to be successful in all other academic areas. The school has received Excelling ratings for academic achievement every year of its operation. It was designated a National Blue Ribbon School and has received Title 1 recognition as well. Please download a school handbook to learn more about the curriculum at each grade level.

The school’s successful Prescott Valley campus uses educational practices are carefully designed. Instruction which incorporates the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards features time-on-task, carefully planned, sequential learning experiences that have enabled Franklin Phonetic students to achieve at or above state and national norms. During the 2011 school year, Franklin School was one of two schools within the state of Arizona to be awarded the federal “Blue Ribbon School’ designation because of outstanding academic achievement. Because of achievement data obtained from the 2011-2012 state testing program, Franklin Phonetic School was also recognized for fine academic progress by the National Title 1 Association.