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Year: 2023-Week Jan 22-27

Year: 2023-Week Jan 1620

Year: 2023-Week May 01-05

Give Children Age-Appropriate Responsibilities:  Responsibility means being dependable, making good choices, and taking accountability for your actions
⭐ When children take on household jobs, they contribute to the family and learn important life skills. Work together on making a chart of responsibilities that they can take on, from organizing their backpack each day, to putting away their laundry, to feeding the family pet.
⭐ Teach them key skills — such as how to make simple healthy snacks or how to use the broom to clean up spills — to encourage their independence.
⭐ We have a BSA scouting program here at Sunnyslope to help children grow-up to be responsible youths.

Contact Information:
🏕 haley.young@fppsphoenix.net
🏕 Text: 253-279-0431

Music Days:
Monday and Wednesday

Computer Day:

Visual Arts: Thursday

Phonograms to know:

  • ea
  • ch
  • er
  • ou
  • ck
  • sh
  • or
  • ay
  • ai
  • oo
  • j
  • p
  • e
  • i
  • c
  • s
  • y
  • t
  • m
  • b

This Week’s Reading

  • “Mary’s Fourth of July”- Historical Fiction
  • Treasures book “The Kite” and “Toys That Fly”

This Week’s Spelling Words

  • wife
  • July
  • state
  • head
  • open
  • lady
  • reach
  • better
  • cost
  • price
  • story
  • water
  • round
  • become
  • pick
  • short
  • put
  • pull
  • plant
  • playing

For spelling homework and practice:

This Week’s Language/Writing:

  • Spalding-  
  • extra-pretty

Spalding has an app if you would like to practice phonograms.   It is called Phonograms by SEI (Spalding Education International) in the APP store for $3.99

This Week’s Math

  • Saxton Math Lessons 15 though 19

This Week’s Social Studies (History) and Science

  • Continents and Oceans: Asia and Antarctica, and review test
  • Sounds and Vibrations

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