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Fourth Graders Prefer Process Praise
⭐ Process praise is descriptive and helps kids develop perseverance. Rather than simply saying, “Good work!” or “That’s great!,” share your specific observations about what your child is doing. This gives kids information about how they might act in the future. Process praise can be as simple as replacing “Good job” with “Good job sharing toys with your sister.” Here are a few more examples of what process praise sounds like:
💬”You cleaned up your room without being asked. Thank you for being a helper.”
💬”Wow, you spent a lot of time figuring out how to solve that math problem. That’s how you become a mathematician.”
💬”Your coach told me that you worked on your swing over and over at practice today without complaining!”

Starts a 7:45 Monday-Thursday


Visual Arts:

Phonograms to know:

  • Your student should know the first 70 phonograms.

This Week’s Reading:

  • Monday: “Buzzing Bees” with questions
  • Tuesday: “Lake Time” with questions
  • Wednesday: “Party” with questions
  • Thursday: No Story – – no school on Friday

This Week’s Language/Writing:

This Week’s Math

This Week’s Social Studies (History)

⭐  *Please remember to check your child’s folder each night for homework and announcements. Please be sure to log your child’s reading each night on the monthly log sheet in their folder!*
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