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Our Sunnyslope Mission

The mission at Franklin Phonetic School is to provide an exceptional standards-based education in a respectful, responsible, and safe environment that meets the needs of a diverse population through traditional instruction, current technology, and creative arts in a small school environment.

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The Spirit of Sunnyslope

“Sunny Slope”

Sunnyslope is known for having been settled by poor tuberculants who spent their last money traveling west for the drier climate and cleaner air, but the subdivision called “Sunny Slope” was first platted by architect William R. Norton in 1911.

John C. Lincoln, an Ohio inventor and industrialist who founded Lincoln Electric, relocated to the Sunnyslope district in 1931 with his wife Helen, to treat her tuberculosis; almost immediately, the Lincolns became major financial supporters of Desert Mission in Sunnyslope and took on key leadership roles in the organization for most of the remainder of their lives.

As the neighborhood grew, the medical functions of the Desert Mission became a separate entity by the 1950s, later known as the John C. Lincoln Health Network, and now known as “HonorHealth” Franklin Phonetic School – Sunnyslope campus was originally the Sunnyslope Presbyterian Church, founded in 1927 in Sunnyslope and the historic structure was built in 1949. The church was built for the patience for the hospital and the Desert Mission.

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